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Reishi/ Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidium)

“Mushroom of spiritual potency” and “Essence of immortality”

Reishi helps calm the body and mind by enhancing our ability to handle stress. It is one of the most revered herbs for spiritually healthy habits, thoughts and behavior. It is highly prized in Chinese herbalism as a Shen tonic. Shen represents our spiritual energy and this herbs action enhances the spiritual energy within us making it fantastic for mindfulness, meditation, rest and facilitating our connection to our divine nature. This is a powerful herb for dealing with stressors that contribute to mental health issues especially feelings of disconnect to our life’s purpose.

Reishi is very grounding, nourishing and calming. Like all adaptogens it helps our body respond better to stress. It is unique to other herbs as it is very beneficial as an immune system modulator. Reishi is great for improving the intelligence of immune cells. It has shown to assist white blood cells discern healthy cells from infected/diseased cells making it the most promising medicinal herb for people with autoimmune conditions.

Reishi mushroom has a very large nutritional profile with many trace minerals including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper & selenium. Selenium is important in the efficient creation of Lymphocytes. Reishi also contains the B complexes and Vitamin D. The antioxidants, unique polysaccharides & other complex phytonutrients give this herb an incredible array of health benefits.

Reishi has shown to improve the body's ability to suppress tumors with more efficient white blood cells and the slowing or stopping angiogenesis restricting the nutrient supply for tumor growth and metastasis. Reishi has also been shown to improve the body’s ability to recover from the extremely toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Additionally, it has shown to improve the efficiency of these traditional cancer treatments.

Reishi is a mild detoxifier; it improves kidney and liver function which increases detoxification and improves metabolism.

Reduces the aggression of auto immune conditions.

Relieves seasonal allergy symptoms

Antiviral and antibacterial.

Adjunct cancer protocol

Stress reducer