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Practical Herbalism & Holistic wellness

Course is free with purchase of Herbal Entrepreneur package

This is a personalized virtual course and will be a compilation of different holistic healing concepts. Immunity, Anatomy, herbalism & emotional wellness will be the focal points. We are combining different scientific disciplines and will implement these concepts to understand the multiple levels in which our body's recover and rejuvenate.

You will learn about adaptogen herbs and medicinal mushrooms; you will be trained in the benefits of several of the most time tested and scientifically validated herbs for stress relief and overall wellbeing. We will focus on the most important qualities of these plants to help deal with the most common ailments we face in America.

We will work together to build upon your unique reason of wanting to become a reliable provider of holistic health information and products. You will gain insight on building a business in the herbal industry and develop your own unique product or way to share herbs amongst your community.

We will schedule 2 30 minute sessions or 1 60 minute session weekly for the first 4 weeks. I will also have open time slots for additional questions and review once a week upon request. At the end of the 4 weeks we will have a verbal and practical assessment to display your knowledge of these concepts via a live or zoom session.

We will also work together in analyzing potential causes of ailments for individuals based on our non traditional understanding of the synergy of human physiology.

After the educational portion is complete we will work together to conduct a single person case study to review the basics of the scientific method as well as garner first hand experience of using adaptogens to help improve the overall well being of someone in need. The case study will be the final exam.

After the course and final exam is completed you will take the Oath to Imhotep and then be awarded the MOVERs Holistic Education Certification.

Through out your time in this course and after I will be at your disposal for questions by email, text & video mail.

Holistic Healing

Mind (emotion, psychology)

Body (cell biology/anatomy)

Spirit (life force energy, faith, placebo)


Art, Science & Business

Research and practice


History (ancient/modern)

Practical usage

Paradigm Shifting 101

Effective communication to the community

Understanding Research

Practical use & experimentation