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Herbs do not treat or cure diseases; but they can improve anatomy & immunity.

Ending the feud between allopathic and holistic health

We are facing a moment in history which requires cooperation & all hands on deck to find the best ways to keep people well, healthy and out of ICUs. Emergency medicine is being pushed to its limit. Medical professionals are working long and exhausted hours taking care of immensely unhealthy people. Understaffing of hospitals and a surge in patients has been a disaster. This puts our medical experts at high risk for becoming sick, largely because of the effects of all the physical and psychological stress diminishing their immune system.

The lack of awareness, acknowledgement or mention of herbal & holistic self care options has been a travesty for countless people. 10 months later we can listen to zoom call after zoom call of expert physicians from top medical institutions all shrugging their shoulders and redirecting when asked the simple question, "what can Americans do at home to help lower our chances of severe illness?"

Our medical professionals deserve special consideration, first dibs and full access to all options that can keep them healthy and safe. Adaptogen herbs and holistic activities are powerful tools to enhance emotional and physical health. If the desire is to reduce the amount of severely sick people than these herbs should be recommended as emphatically as masks, hand cleaning, distancing & vaccination.

We are making a fatal error by not focusing on why the millions of people who have been exposed have not gotten sick. We know exposure alone does not equal sickness however the directives and suggestions repeated over and over only reduce exposure. We implore our medical professionals consider using adaptogens as important a factor to maintaining full health as good diet, active lifestyle, adequate rest & mindfulness techniques. The effects of using adaptogen herbs has shown repeatedly with time and through out our oldest cultures to improve the immune system. We are all very aware that an imbalanced or poor immune response is necessary for this disease to cause the most severe damage, so it is easy to understand why using immune enhancing adaptogen herbs will be of tremendous benefit.

The holistic community has several viable options with great promise in reducing hospitalization. There are a very large number of first hand testimony using adaptogen herbs for prevention and recovery protocols. These anecdotal accounts are substantiated by numerous articles showing and stating the importance of further investigation of adaptogen herbs with large human trials. The most beneficial herbal extracts & holistic methods are not being investigated by the American health agencies or main stream journalism; this in itself shows a lack of scientific exploration on behalf of the betterment of the people.

Introducing adaptogens to our traditionally trained front line medical professionals and providing full transparency on the history of use and the scholarly articles that prove safety, will allot them another tool for their protection. It is more pivotal now than ever for us to get on one accord in exploring all potentials to improve the immunity and overall health of this country, especially when we are faced with a country split down the middle on taking this new liability free injection. It is a waste of time and money trying to use propaganda to change people's minds about a medical intervention that has more questions than answers. It is a violation of human rights to force people (financially or mobility) into a medical procedure that may harm them, especially when it does not serve as any guarantee to stop the spread.

We will either improve our health status drastically by working together to tackle the problem of human health in America from both allopathic and holistic perspectives or decline blindly into what all of our health projections forecast. Dementia for almost everyone in their older age, 30%-50% of all children developing autism or neurological dysfunction, 25-45% of the population infertile, Cancer for over 50% of the population along with obesity & chronic disease experience by the vast majority of us. America is dead last in all relevant health statistics in comparison to the top 15 modern nations. We make up 5% of the worlds population but use 50% of the worlds pharmaceutical drugs. Not all of these drugs are inherently bad, but the overuse of them has wreaked havoc on the wellness of the people in this country. Holistic living is mandatory for optimal health today. It is important to recognize that there are many unsubstantiated claims and false promises about the outcome of using some herbs and holistic protocols. Many experts have overlooked the scientifically solid and proven herbalism and eastern medical practices because they were not trained in the mechanisms of action or historical use. Claims that the herbs will cure diseases and can replace prescribed medicine is where we hit a bump in the road. Adaptogens bring balance to our bodies and help us adapt to our environment, this occurs by the nutrients addressing imbalances and deficiencies while helping our body respond to stress better.     

There are many cases where herbs are not the solution & modern medical procedures are needed, especially in acute health issues like organ failure, physical trauma, anaphylaxis and more. This is a critical and necessary part of our society and medical professionals are essential for saving many lives. The demonization and distrust of allopathic medical professionals has been earned with bad experiences & experiments that have led to death of injury. Many groups of people have lost trust in the integrity of modern medicine because of the conflicts of interest and relationship with the pharmaceutical drug cartels. The largest area of opportunity for the reversal of the atrocious health stats of this country is to hone in an build upon the relationship between "secondary" "adjunct" & "alternative" health experts and their holistic approaches in the main stream.

There are many ailments that require mind, emotion & spiritual work and not necessarily herbs, drugs or medical procedures (however most times herbs can still be of assistance). Even though adaptogens are not the answer to all of life's problems they are almost always a valuable tool on the journey. Many adaptogen herbs should be avoided for issues that require immune suppressants & some during pregnancy but generally they are a safe dietary option for the vast majority of people. The tests have shown that adaptogens are uniquely able to allow the human body to experience stress at a lower intensity & recover more quickly. Our most important hormone producing glands Hypothalamus, Pituitary & Adrenal (HPA axis) work more efficiently while our bodies have the phytonutrients of adaptogens in them.

Adaptogen herbs have been a blessing to a very large amount of people that have been failed by traditional medicine. They have also served beneficial as additions to conventional medical treatments. Some people reverse conditions on their own through diet and lifestyle with herbs being part of their daily routine. These cases have led to the association of herbs as drugs replacements. This is an inaccurate presumption that has created a blurred line of the reality. Adaptogens, in their full spectrum extracts are foods with low calories and very high micronutrient content. These herbs are nutraceuticals and are far more safe and beneficial for sustaining wellness than pharmaceuticals could ever be in the long term because they do not possess the toxicity of many conventional medicines. Full spectrum adaptogen herb extracts are foods and are not isolated or synthetic chemicals aimed to treat disease.

More complex & expensive does not equal more effective. At the same time, simple and inexpensive does not mean ineffective. It is important for us to recognize that all options must be analyzed and explored. Taking the time to experience and learn more about natural & simple options will end up in grand epiphanies and potential solutions to large issues. The end of 2020 is the tipping point toward more cooperation and collaboration & a harmonious juncture is inevitable between alternative and mainstream medicine to create the most effective methods for helping the sick.