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    My name is Danny and I'm the owner of Parrott Food & Beverage corporation & MOVERs Elixirs LLC. I specialize in adaptogen herbs and developing practical ways to consume them.
    To date I have worked with hundreds of individuals across the United States as a holistic wellness consultant, researcher and herbal beverage innovator.

    I serve as the President of Maxx Philanthropies, named after my son. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Health Freedom for Humanity.


    My herbal certification is from the Herbal Academy International School of herbal science.

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    Advisor/Chief of Marketing

    Nekei Lewis is a digital marketing visionary in the world of technology with over 10+ years assisting over 450+ startup entrepreneurs create their passion into reality. As the founder of New York based startup company Quuirk, she will be disrupting the marketing sectors in many verticals including e-commerce, advertising, retail, and search.

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    Media Content Coordinator

    Ayanna Reyes is a 2021 graduate of Montclair University majoring in business administration with a focus in marketing. She has experience managing social media accounts for several different companies from start ups to high end fashion to sales and marketing for insurance & house boat companies. She has been an asset in organizing and curating content for our media platforms to develop business customer engagement & brand awareness.