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Tonic sample box

5 tonics
1oz Chocolate Gold (Chaga, Gojiberry, Astragalus) Gut, immunity
1oz Golden Age (Reishi, Jiaogulan, Gojiberry, Astragalus) for assisting the function of all the major organ systems.
1oz Lucidity (Ashwagandha, Lionsmane, American Ginseng) improvement of nerve and brain cell health, may improve mood & help with mental clarity
1oz Breathe improvement of lung cell functions and oxygen absorption also may increase endurance
1oz 14 Elder: aids immune cells attack & identify abnormal growths and build up. Helps ease the side effects of cancer treatment.
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 (Cordyceps, American Ginseng, Astragalus) 

Improvement of lung cell functions. 

May be very beneficial for oxygen absorption 

May increase endurance

Cordyceps is one of the most cherished fungi in the world. Wild Cordyceps is more expensive oz for oz than gold. This adaptogen has some profound potentials for lung cell function and health. Cordyceps has been useful for climbers in high altitudes and Olympic endurance athletes for stamina. American Ginseng is one of our overall favorite herbs and aids in energy, focus and calmness. American ginseng can be very efficient in improving the effects and benefits of breath work and exercise due to its stimulating Ginsenosides. American Ginseng has a long use of traditional use for many ailments and dysfunctions related to energy and issues of the lung. Ginseng is also shown to provide protection for the flu and other RTIs (respiratory tract infections).    



(Ashwagandha, Lionsmane, American Ginseng) 


May improve mood and help with mental clarity

May assist with focus and creativity

May aid in rest and recovery


Ashwagandha is a part of this mind, nervous system and brain health adaptogen combination because of its neuroprotective potentials. Ashwagandha is one of the best stress relieving herbs on the planet. Ashwaganhda is very useful for emotional health issues, anxiety and dysfunctions associated with depression. Lionsmane is known as the Brain enhancing mushroom as it is known to help facilitate neurogenesis, or the growth of new brain cells. This is one of the most promising herbs for issues associated with dementias. Lionsmane is renown for its nootropic benefits Lionsmane is one of the best if not the best extract for memory & focus. American Ginseng is America's best kept herbal secret. It is a power addition for its large range of benefit to mental energy, focus and calmness. These three herbs blended has powerful effects on our brain, nervous system, endocrine system and subsequently our attitude & energy.  


Golden Age

 (Reishi, Jiaogulan, Gojiberry, Astragalus) 


May help with issues with joints

May assist with imbalanced blood sugar regulation

All herbs are historically known for being anti aging


Reishi is considered the queen of the mushrooms. Reishi posses incredible benefits to the intelligence of the immune system making it beneficial to allergies and overly aggressive immune responses. nervous system and liver/kidney functions. Reishi is also called the mushroom of immortality and is a Jiaogulan has been called the greatest adaptogen by many and is known as the herb of immortality as it is used daily by some of the oldest people in China. Jiaogulan is shown to be useful for easing inflamed joints, helping regulate blood sugar and reducing liquids from swelling. This mild but very beneficial herb is known to be calming soothing and life span enhancing. Astragalus is a great synergizer of adaptogens, enhancing the individual benefits of the herbs its paired with. Astragalus is also beneficial to the lungs and immune system especially viral pathogens. Lastly, the Gojiberry with its myriad of phytonutrients and essential nutrients provides aid to the cardiovascular system and digestive system. These 4 Chinese herbs together make this a masterfully crafted ancient Chinese secret for increasing life span by aiding issues associated with the most common chronic ailments for people 40 and up.


Chocolate Gold

 (Chaga, Gojiberry, Astragalus) 

May aid in gut health issues

May increase energy

May enhance weight loss protocols 


Chocolate Gold has the best taste of all our tonics with a hint of rich cacao. However there is no chocolate used in it at all! Only 3 powerful adaptogens that give it the most well rounded and wide range of benefits. The Chaga is considered the King of medicinal mushrooms and for good reason. There have been touted benefits of Chaga on almost every type of ailment however research shows that it is amazing for improving immunity and keeping the body stronger and more at ease mentally and physically. The Gojiberry brings in the sweetness and a ton of vitamins, minerals, amino acids along with an affinity toward improving the healing of hollow organs, especially in the gut. The Astragalus is the ultimate facilitator of synergy between the Chaga and Goji enhancing their functions together, however Astragalus by itself is a very potent herb. Astragalus is of the highest esteem and considered a heaven class herb in Chinese Medicine. Its use improves energy and vitality to all body systems. Modern research has shown Astragalus to be an antiviral and overall immune and lymphatic health adaptogen. 


14 Elders

14 of the most beneficial medicinal mushrooms

Chaga, Reishi, Turkeytail, Lionsmane, Cordyceps, Shittake, Maitake, Oyster, Peoria,  


14 Elders is a combination of the most profound medicinal mushrooms for our immune system. Collectively this combination is antiviral, antibacterial, & antifungal. Having all of these phenomenal individual herbs in one blend creates a supplement that can produce wonderful health enhancements for people with the most terrifying and insidious diseases. The molecules inside of the mushrooms have shown that they maybe one of the best natural ways to recover or avoid the growth of cancer cells. 

The approach of having such a large variety of so many mushrooms is like shooting a shot gun of healing potential for persistent and idiopathic issues. 

Mushrooms are instrumental in creating harmony and balance within our yards, forest & all ecosystems. They also have a grounding and harmonic benefit to humans that may drastically improve emotional well being & the mind/body connection