SUPER RARE American Shilajit 7G

SUPER RARE American Shilajit 7G

Our American Shilajit is sourced from the Mountains of Utah. Shilajit addresses almost all mineral deficiencies while promoting the function of all body systems.

It is safe for all ages and is quite simply the planets best kept secret to improving wellness and health of our body, brain and even our environment!

This mineral sap has substances like humic and fulvic acid that have been missing in our soil systems for a long time due to the conventional farming practices.

Shilajit is known as the conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness and is the worlds best adaptogen!

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Our American Shilajit is a true sacred gift and as potent as it is rare!  

This Shilajit is that of connoisseurs and has a molasses like consistency. It blends seamlessly & quickly into water. We use a small amount the size of a half grain of rice in 8-16 oz of water. I good gauge is dip & swirl a tooth pick in a figure 8 pattern or dip the end of a spoon or butter knife.
Shilajit should be used daily over time for best effects. each 7 G container has enough for about 6 weeks if used consistently and daily. Incorporating this adaptogen in your daily hydration habits is an amazing way to keep your body equipped with the micronutrients necessary to assist the majority of deficiency based health issues. 
The Best time to consume your Shilajit is AM and PM. We highly suggest having shilajit through out the day to keep nutrient filled fluids flowing through your system all day. There is no bad time to consume Shilajit and it is the most safe adaptogen of all; as long as you stay within the appropriate seving sizes their are no adverse effects or toxicity. 
This American Shilajit is 7g and is an extremely potent and proprietarily purified Shilajit tested for both heavy metal and biological contaminants. 
*If your Shilajit is left exposed to oxygen and in cooler conditions it may become very hard. You can soften your Shilajit with a few drops of warm distilled water.