Shilajit tonic with Essence of Chaga (Short supply)
  • Shilajit tonic with Essence of Chaga (Short supply)
  • Shilajit tonic with Essence of Chaga (Short supply)

Shilajit tonic with Essence of Chaga (Short supply)

$9.99 - $24.99
Black Gold: limited time Altai Mountain Shilajit tonic with Essence of Chaga

The size of the Shilajit is 1oz. This is liquified Shilajit resin has been liquified with distilled water and a hint of our full spectrum Chaga extract.
The ration of resin to water is 1:1. This tonic has 1 gram of 3rd party tested Altai Mountain Shilajit resin diluted into the 1oz of water. We also added 250mg of Chaga extract per bottle.

This equates to about 10 servings per bottle. Our Three pack can be used as a month supply.
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This tonic is a dilution of a very thick and nutrient rich Shilajit resin from the Altai Mountains.

Its natural resin form is a dense secretion caused by the movements of tectonic plates in high altitude mountain ranges.

It is one of the most beneficial natural compounds on Earth, packed with nutrients & minerals

Its main and most revered ingredient is fulvic acid which rapidly accelerates cellular rejuvenation and is a potent antioxidant.

Shilajit has been used in holistic healing tradition and ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as a panacea for all ailments.

It is used to improve bodily health and cognitive function, enhance longevity, increase energy levels, remove toxins, increase testosterone, improve sleep, improve sexual function, to treat altitude sickness and to maintain a healthy heart

Shilajit (AKA Mumijo) literally translates to ‘Mountain Blood’ in Sanskrit and is thought to have been originally discovered in the Himalayas. 

Purely organic and natural in its raw, resin form. Pure Shilajit resin can also be used as a powerful fertilizer for maintaining rich healthy soil for the cultivation of plants.

Altai Mountain Shilajit boasts the highest percentage of Fulvic acid on the market at over 75%. We source directly from the Altai Mountains region in Siberia and use traditional Ayurvedic methods of harvesting and purifying for a truly authentic experience.