This blend of powerful herbs is created to support our brain, nervous system & stress response. We see mental & emotional health issues directly tied to the health and function of these important systems.

Our daily activities and productivity is determined by the level of mental clarity, focus, problem solving ability and overall emotional wellness we have catered our lucidity blend to support these important functions

This dual extract is a blend of:
Lions Mane, American Ginseng & Ashwagandha
with supporting herbs: Rhodiola, schisandra & black cherry

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Lucidity- May reduce anxiety, improve focus & is great for nerve & brain health. 

The Lionsmane has great potential for a wide range of nerve cell and brain ailments that have seem to have no answers. This mushroom has nerve growth factors that are key in nerve cell regeneration.

Ashwagandha is a very powerful tool to reduce stress, calm our nerves and support neuroprotection.

American Ginseng is in this blend to provide more stimulating energy, focus & clarity to the user. 

These adaptogens have historically shown to be very safe. 

The MOVERs tonics are highly concentrated & serving amounts are higher than the average supplement with similar herbs. 

Using these herbs in their recommended serving size makes them a simple food supplement or juice concentrate.

Using them in more than the recommended serving size turns them into a remedy.

*As a remedy these herbs can creating significant physiological changes toward homeostasis. If this is occurring while a Physician has your body on pharmaceuticals this could lead to unpredictable and unfavorable outcomes.  

This is not medical advice

Go over a plan with your trusted integrated medical professional if you are on medications and want to ween yourself off of them naturally 

We do not diagnose treat or cure any diseases