Jiaogulan & Nettle loost tea

Jiaogulan & Nettle loost tea

A blend of dry loose Gynostemma Pentaphyllum & Urtica Dioica tea leaves.
60 single servings. 60 teaspoons

We have combined the most nutrient rich green tea and the herb of immortality for an exotic & mildly sweet familiar green tea taste.

60 teaspoons provides 1 cup a day for 2 month.
or 2 cups a day for a month.
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These two powerful leaf teas are a match made in heaven. The incredibly high mineral content of stinging nettle and extremely high amount of unique phytonutrients of Gynostemma pentaphyllum aka Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan ranks among the overall bests adaptogen herbs for life span. China's census bureau documented an unusually high concentration of healthy people above 100 years old in a region where the herb grows wild and abundantly. The peoples testimony and lab tests proved that the nutrients in Jiaogulan help keep the cells & tissue of our body youthful and healthy. From a holistic perspective, there is perhaps no other adaptogen that can help as many people live long and healthy. 

Blood sugar
Heart health
Nervous system health

Jiaogulan grows as a ground cover in hilly regions of Asia. It likes cool weather and shade. Cultivation began in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the 1990's and what is grown here tends to be sweeter than some samples grown in China.'

Our Jiaogulan is Grown in the highlands of Thailand, known for plentiful rain, fertile soil and clean air, our product is the richest, sweetest Jiaogulan Herbal Tea available today. The farm we source our Jiaogulan from is ackowledged by the Ministry of Health as the best in Thailand an for overall taste and sweetness.


Nettle reigns in a class of its own in regards to the essential vitamin and minerals we need. Nettle is very well known to reduce an over aggressive immune response to seasonal pollen making it a natural way to ward of severe allergies. Nettle is a staple in almost all herbalists cubbards and herbal combinations and for good reason.