Full Product & Brand creation

Full Product & Brand creation

We believe more individuals need to be sources of health improving herbal extracts. This service is for the entrepreneur, investor or business owner that would like a completed product that they can market and sell.

Give us your vision and we will deliver a fully finished product for your established brand.

You will receive:
A proprietary blend of herbs.
FDA compliant labels with your brand and design
Data sheets with benefits & cautions for all herbs in your exclusive blend
Whole sale contract & personal discount code
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In the climate of a society of consumption it is essential that more producers emerge. It is even more essential that more communities have access to safe and health enhancing full herb extracts & the information of how to consume them

We are taking the sting out of the growth process of becoming a holistic entrepreneur. 

We will provide training & share our experiences & assist through out your business growth.  

This investment will be a corner stone to developing something special and of great benefit to the wellness of all those fortunate enough to experience the power of the herbs.

We will set up a few consultations to review the ideas you have and your individuals passions. With all the information obtained we will then go over the best herbs to address the issues and then we will come to an agreement on you blend and direction of your label.

An exclusive wholesale contract & NDA will be provided if