ELIXIR Low Sugar

ELIXIR Low Sugar

$99.99 - $119.99
We are proud to announce our new MOVERs Elixir blend!
Same powerful liquid multivitamin, fruit juice & herbal beverage with half the sugar content (from Agave). We have formulated this new combination with Stevia to cater to our many folks who want to reduce their glycemic load!

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We believe the MOVERs Elixir is oz for oz the most health enhancing beverage available, and we are just getting started!

The Elixir is a full spectrum liquid multivitamin blended with floral, herbal teas & potent tincture extracts. 

It is made to be taken as a convenient and delicious shot or gulp around meal times.

Alone the Elixir is a full liquid multivitamin however with the different herbal extracts they become unique supplements that grant different benefits to various organs & systems. 

This Elixir is a concentrated artisan health beverage made to be taken in 2oz servings. It is made with herb extracts vitamins and fresh organic juices which are very beneficial to the immune system and endocrine function.

The elixir is a powerful tool to help achieve personal health goals.

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