Chocolate Gold Tonic

Chocolate Gold Tonic

34.99 - 129.99
The Chocolate Gold is our most delicious blend of adaptogens with a flavor of a rich cacao however it has no chocolate in it what so ever!

This is our most researched adaptogenic blend & has been the default herbal combination used in all of our case study groups for individuals suffering from long haul CV19.

The chocolate gold has the largest range of potential benefits to individuals because the herbs in it greatly benefit the gut, cardiovascular system, immunity and the pineal gland. It has been instrumental in keeping a very large amount of people from severe sickness and in need of emergency care through out this Pandemic.

This is an artisan blend of full spectrum dual extracts:

Chaga Mushroom
Astragalus root

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These adaptogens have historically shown to be very safe. 

The MOVERs tonics are highly concentrated & serving amounts are higher than the average supplement with similar herbs. 

Using these herbs in their recommended serving size makes them a simple food supplement or juice concentrate.

Using them in more than the recommended serving size turns them into a remedy.

*As a remedy these herbs can creating significant physiological changes toward homeostasis. If this is occurring while a Physician has your body on pharmaceuticals this could lead to unpredictable and unfavorable outcomes.  

This is not medical advice

Go over a plan with your trusted integrated medical professional if you are on medications and want to ween yourself off of them naturally 

We do not diagnose treat or cure any diseases  

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