Chaga Extract
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  • Chaga Extract

Chaga Extract

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Considered the King of Medicinal mushrooms. Its appearance is very much different than typical mushrooms and its range of benefits are extremely unique also. It has been used for a wide array of ailments and is considered by many as the most health beneficial herb on the planet.

We have an artisan small batched Chaga extract in a full spectrum tincture at 1000mg per ml.
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Chaga is a wonderful detox mushroom that is a great choice to counteract environmental pollution. Chaga is a tonic and promotes immune, glandular and organ health. Additionally, Chaga has a high amount of melanin and antioxidants and is an easy way to get a substantial dose in one to two droppers. The hydro-alcohol extract preserves the plant pigments very well and keeps them fresh.

Common questions

Do you use wild harvested Chaga?

About 10% of the formula is wild Chaga. We prefer organic wood grown Chaga for consistency and a better tasting higher polysaccharide extract. Wild Chaga can have variances and depending on source and harvest.

How does Chaga help the pineal gland?

Chaga promotes circulation and oxygenation of the glands in the body, including the brain. Antioxidants promote the health of capillaries, arteries and veins. Chaga contains melanin which supports pineal health.

We have the Chaga in a full spectrum tincture for easy consumption, absorption and assimilation to our bodies defenses. 

This extract comes in a concentration of 1000mg of herb per 1ml

Everyone has unique systems and for those who are very sensitive to new foods or afraid of allergy should use smaller amounts in increments to see how the extract agrees with your body.

We have seen most noticeable effects when people use 1-3 ml 1-3 times daily for minimum 1 month.