Breathe Tonic

Breathe Tonic

Our respiratory system is complex and at the core of all aspects of our health. We can go weeks without food, days without water but only minutes without air.

Maximizing the oxygen we absorb with each breath and making sure the toxins and potentially hazardous materials do not cause us any harm is the goal with our Breathe blend.

The main herb we use in this blend is Cordyceps mushroom for its renown ability to help mountain climbers and people in high altitudes to adapt to the lower oxygen levels. It is also a powerful antiviral agent with several molecules that are documented to stimulate our immune system in many positive ways.

Cordyceps: has been commonly used for respiratory performance by fitness enthusiast for decades and has garnered the dedicated use of amateur, professional and world-class Olympic athletes.

Is the greatest synergy tonic of all adaptogenic herbs, it boosts the assimilation and effectiveness of other tonics and supplements. It also helps strengthens the lungs and digestive track.

American Ginseng
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