Breathe Tonic

Breathe Tonic

The three Adaptogens used in our Breathe blend are known to benefit the health of the respiratory system.

Cordyceps: has been commonly used for respiratory performance by fitness enthusiast for decades and has garnered the dedicated use of amateur, professional and world-class Olympic athletes.

Is the main energy tonic of all adaptogenic herbs, it boosts the assimilation of all other tonics and supplements. It also strengthens the lungs and digestive track.

American Ginseng
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Stress relief & improved organ function is ideal to stay resilient and maintain a long life of good health. Empower your inner terrain with these whole herb adaptogen extracts! This blend is Reishi, Astragalus, Gojiberry & Jiaogulan 

People have noted

Improved sleep 

More Energy

Less time ill, if any

Better stress response

Improved blood sugar

Less swelling/ water retention 

Specifically formulated for 

  • Immune imbalances
  • Individuals over 40
  • Stress

Astragalus is one of the top 2 herbs in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered a heaven class herb. It helps improve the well being of all major organ systems in Chinese medicine and is known to help with the defensive energy of our body; Wei Qi. Astragalus is a potent antiviral and is also shown to help with the electrical function of the heart making it one of the best herbs on earth for overall health. 

Gojiberry is a sweet nutritious berry that has a tremendous benefit to the skin both outside and inside (epithelial & endothelial). The benefits nutritionally are amazing, but Gojiberry in its concentrated extract form has powerful effects to the gut and the hollow organs like intestines, stomach and especially gallbladders. It has also shown to help normalize body temperature and blood pressure.

Jiaogulan is known as a powerful anti-aging herb and has one of the largest collection of health promoting phytonutrients on the planet. Used in its dual extract tincture form may balance blood sugar numbers in people with type two diabetes. This herb also has some studies showing great benefit to dangerously high cholesterol levels. 

Reishi is called the mushroom of immortality. this is the other of the top 2 herbs in Chinese medicine. The Reishi is the queen of medicinal mushrooms and boasts powerful antiviral and kidney building properties. This herb is also considered a spiritually grounding adaptogen and has shown to be beneficial for mood and stress. Lastly and maybe the most important aspect of the Reishi is its ability to modulate immune functions. This shows promise for issues with overactive immune action like allergic reactions and possibly autoimmune conditions.    

These adaptogens have historically shown to be very safe. 

The MOVERs tonics are highly concentrated & serving amounts are higher than the average supplement with similar herbs. 

Using these herbs in their recommended serving size makes them a simple food supplement or juice concentrate.

Using them in more than the recommended serving size turns them into a remedy.

*As a remedy these herbs can creating significant physiological changes toward homeostasis. If this is occurring while a Physician has your body on pharmaceuticals this could lead to unpredictable and unfavorable outcomes.  

This is not medical advice

Go over a plan with your trusted integrated medical professional if you are on medications and want to ween yourself off of them naturally 

We do not diagnose treat or cure any diseases  

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