Breathe Tonic

Breathe Tonic

The three Adaptogens used in our Breathe blend are known to benefit the health of the respiratory system.

Cordyceps: has been commonly used for respiratory performance by fitness enthusiast for decades and has garnered the dedicated use of amateur, professional and world-class Olympic athletes.

Is the main energy tonic of all adaptogenic herbs, it boosts the assimilation of all other tonics and supplements. It also strengthens the lungs and digestive track.

American Ginseng
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  • Promote lung capacity and breathing strength*
  • Support long-lasting stamina and endurance*
  • Maintain stable energy levels*
  • Support adrenal hormones*
  • Support daily stress-resistance*
  • Build immune function*
  • Boost mood and well-being*
  • Promote healthy genitals and male and female intimacy*

Anyone can enjoy the stamina supporting benefits of Cordyceps, such as:

Adaptogenic Stress Resistance*
Deeper Breathing Capacity*
Increased Oxygenation Assimilation*
Cellular Mitochondria Energy Activation*



High Quality Protein: Astragalus mainly works by boosting protein metabolism and will not work effectively if a diet is missing enough high-quality proteins.* Astragalus is a daily dietary tonic, which can easily be mixed with meals. Ginger is known to help Astragalus digest and absorb more protein in the gut.*

Antioxidants: Astragalus is a great tonic for work stamina and easily combines with stimulants like coffee and tea and reduces their undesirable effects.* Other antioxidant tonic-berries like GojiSchisandra, and Mulberries also combine well with Astragalus.* Herbal teas like licorice, chamomile, and mint are excellent choices too; as they aid digestion and therefore improve the effects of Astragalus.*

Vitamin and Minerals: It is recommended to take a full-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements with Astragalus, as their absorption and assimilation in the body will be enhanced by it.* Selenium, especially, is an essential mineral for protein, peptide and enzyme metabolism and is a highly effective cofactor in enzyme antioxidant activity.*


American Ginseng

Chinese herbalists empirically studied their new tonic herb and found the soothing and moistening qualities great for stomach, lung and kidney health.* It's thirst quenching quality calms the nerves and imbues satisfaction as it's sweet candy-like flavor is much appealing and promoting to digestion.*

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