• Ambrosia
  • Ambrosia


80.00 - 95.00
Concentrated Nettle, Jiaogulan with
Hibiscus, Rosehips, Blue berry, Cranberry fruit tea
Lemon Juice

x2 as sweet as Elixir
1000mg of herbs per oz

The Ambrosia is as sweet as it is healthy. Filled with the plant derived essential minerals from the nutrient dense Nettle leaf and the antioxidants of hibiscus rosehips & blueberries!
This juice is DELICIOUS & encouraged for the children especially the ones who are nutrient deficient.
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Our deliciously sweet Ambrosia is designed to be used in 1-5 oz servings. This concentrated liquid nutrient beverage can have many uses.

Add 4oz Ambrosia and 4oz water and you have an all natural and healthy fruit punch. 

Use 2oz Ambrosia in 6oz of water and you have an all natural sports drink with not only many electrolytes but also unique adaptogenic phytonutrients. Just add water and you have your own special DIY sport drink! 

This beverage is extremely sweet and made to be a trojan horse for herbal consumption. 

Comsumer Warning:

Even though this is an herb filled health enhancing juice our Ambrosias have a high amount of agave nektar at 4.5 grams of sugar per oz. It is unwise to over consume sugary beverages especially when battling with sugar addiction & insulin related sickness. Consuming less than 35g of sugar daily is usually a good rule of thumb & it is our hope that consuming this beverage will help the consumer make more thoughtful dietary and hydration choices daily. The goal is to improve the health of your immune system cells and organ function. 

Pour a shot and bottoms up when you wake up or sip it slow to savor the sweet & fruity flavor.   

Each oz has about 1000mg of concentrated adaptogens (unless special order bottle)


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