Altai Mountain Shilajit 10g

Altai Mountain Shilajit 10g

Shilajit Sourced direct from the Altai Mountains
Third party tested for heavy metals
Extremely easy to consume and water soluble
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This tonic is a dilution of a very thick and nutrient rich Shilajit resin from the Altai Mountains.

Its natural resin form is a dense secretion caused by the movements of tectonic plates in high altitude mountain ranges.

It is one of the most beneficial natural compounds on Earth, packed with nutrients & minerals

Its main and most revered ingredient is fulvic acid which rapidly accelerates cellular rejuvenation and is a potent antioxidant.

Shilajit has been used in holistic healing tradition and ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as a panacea for all ailments.

It is used to improve bodily health and cognitive function, enhance longevity, increase energy levels, remove toxins, increase testosterone, improve sleep, improve sexual function, to treat altitude sickness and to maintain a healthy heart

Shilajit (AKA Mumijo) literally translates to ‘Mountain Blood’ in Sanskrit and is thought to have been originally discovered in the Himalayas. 

Purely organic and natural in its raw, resin form. Pure Shilajit resin can also be used as a powerful fertilizer for maintaining rich healthy soil for the cultivation of plants.

Altai Mountain Shilajit boasts the highest percentage of Fulvic acid on the market at over 75%. We source directly from the Altai Mountains region in Siberia and use traditional Ayurvedic methods of harvesting and purifying for a truly authentic experience.






In Ayurvedic medicine, the use of organic Shilajit has been prolific for over 4000 years. It has been documented in ancient scriptures (notably the 'Charaka Samhita' and 'Sushrut Samhita'), as being used as a panacea for treating diseases. Although its healing power has been known by ancient cultures, its natural healing properties are now being used more frequently in the west and its uses are increasing rapidly throughout the world as people are beginning to discover the wonders of holistic health and natural medicine.  


Shilajit has many health benefits for both mind and body, its healing and vitality properties make it the ultimate superfood. 


Benefits of Shilajit include:


  • Decalcification of Pineal Gland

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Enhanced cognitive function

  • Improved Sleep Pattern

  • Increased Fertility

  • Longevity

  • Detoxification

  • Antiviral

  • Increased Testosterone in Males

  • Hormone Balancing

  • Improved Memory

  • Anti-Ageing

  • Treat High Altitude Sickness

  • Aids Iron Deficiency (Anaemia)

  • Aids Mineral Deficiency

  • Cellular Rejuvenation

  • Improved Cardiac Performance

  • Improved Metabolism

  • Increased Hair Growth

  • Pain Relief

  • Boosts Function of Urinary System

  • Enhanced Mood

  • Manage Diabetes

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Healthy Skin, Bones and Nails


*Disclaimer - We are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice. All information is intended for educational use. 

Do know that Shilajit is one of the safest substances any plant, animal or human can consume





The best quality Shilajit is 100% water soluble, so adding it to your daily routine is quick and easy. Use about a pea sized serving.

Warming your Shilajit is recommend for the easiest use. Distilled or spring water for the maximum effects, but there are plenty of creative ways to enjoy your Altai Mountain Shilajit. 




Stir into your beverage and allow the Shilajit to dissolve


Once the Shilajit has fully dissolved into your drink, simply enjoy!




Your plants will love pure Shilajit as much as you do!

Using Shilajit in your regular gardening routine will encourage rapid growth and repair and maintain healthy soil essential for getting the most out of your plant life. 


As Shilajit is 100% natural and organic, derived from humic organisms and plant matter, it’s the ultimate fertiliser and feed for your garden, making the bioavailability of your crops reach their full genetic potential. 


Why restrict the benefits of Shilajit to yourself? Your garden will thank you for it and the harvest will be better than ever before. 


We guarantee it. 


We suggest making a Shilajit water solution to use on your plants which is super simple and extremely effective.


Mix 100-200mg of Altai Mountain Shilajit per 1 gallon of water and drench your garden once a week. Use this solution from seed until harvest. 


We suggest using filtered or distilled water for the best results but using your regular water will work just fine too. 


For germination and cloning plants, use a foliar spray to drench the seeds or leaves 24 hours before transplanting for the best results. 


For plants that produce resin, we suggest ceasing using the solution as the plant starts to flower.