14 Elders Tonic

14 Elders Tonic

14 Elder Shrooms- May assist in the prevention & spreading of abnormal growths. Also may ease side effects of traditional cancer treatments by increasing the resilience of our cells and organs.

When we are dealing with infections or abnormal growths that are idiopathic in nature, we recommend using the best of the best of planet earths most potent functional/medicinal mushroom extracts. The research behind all 14 of these medicinal herbs tell us that they hold tremendous healing potentials. Individually, all of these mushrooms have scholarly articles begging for more and larger clinical research to explore them further while also demonstrating that they have no toxicity.

It is wise to utilize the oldest living things on this planet when we are on a healing journey. Antiquity has shown they have guided & healed humanity in all of our darkest days

These adaptogens have historically shown to be very safe. 

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14 of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms come together to super charge the immune system to fight infections and dismantle abnormal growths. All of the herbs in this blend have been associated with an improvement to our bodies ability to defeat certain types of abnormal growths by increasing our natural cancer killing cells and slowing malignant growths. 

All the medicinal mushrooms in this blend are historically safe. All of these combined possess the capability to ease the severity of the horrific side effects of conventional cancer treatments. 

The 14 Elders are

  1. Chaga, 
  2. Reishi,
  3. Cordyceps, 
  4. Turkey Tail, 
  5. Lionsmane,
  6.  Shiitake, 
  7. Maitake,
  8.  Mesima, 
  9. Agarikon,
  10.  Agaricus blazei, 
  11. Oyster,
  12.  Suehirotake, 
  13. Poria, 
  14. True tinder polypore

The healing potential of this blend of medicinal mushrooms is extremely wide and the benefits on all of our major organ systems is very profound.

Noted benefits to our

Nervous system

Endocrine System

Cardiovascular system

Respiratory System

Digestive System 

& Especially our Immune System 


These adaptogenic functional mushrooms have historically shown to be very safe. 

The MOVERs tonics are highly concentrated & serving amounts are higher than the average supplement with similar herbs. 

Using these herbs in their recommended serving size makes them a simple food supplement or juice concentrate.

Using them in more than the recommended serving size turns them into a remedy.

*As a remedy these herbs can creating significant physiological changes toward homeostasis. If this is occurring while a Physician has your body on pharmaceuticals this could lead to unpredictable and unfavorable outcomes.  

This is not medical advice

Go over a plan with your trusted integrated medical professional if you are on medications and want to ween yourself off of them naturally 

We do not diagnose treat or cure any diseases