• Adaptogen Beverages

    Make Every Sip Count

    Holistic Hydration

    We drink more than we eat which is why we focus on the most efficient way to hydrate and empower our cells with medicinal plants.

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    Tonics = Concentrated Adaptogen extract
     Elixir = Liquid multivitamin, fruit juice, tonic herbs
    Ambrosia = Nettle tea, Jiaogulan, Hibiscus teas, tonics & fruit juice blend
    Shilajit = Mineral rich water soluble Earth sap

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  • Chelsea

    "My mood and ability to hold optimism is so much more consistent than usual and I strongly
    believe it has something to do with your holistic approach to these Elixirs. I have witnesses easier
    menstruation, more energy and longer exercises. I am so in love with this and I thank you for making it
    special for me."


    "I haven’t been my best self mentally and I must say so far so good; not a breakdown, not a bad thought, ive been feeling really free and my mind feels clear for once in a VERY VERY VERY VERRRRRRRY LONG TIME"


    "I swear your blends were guarding against all the NYC germs. When my bottle ran out I kept getting sick! It really showed me how important the elixir is"


    I want to sincerely thank you for bringing that Elixir. I honestly saw such a difference this time around and I was seriously shocked. I suffer from extreme PMS and severe cramping for the whole time. This round was NO pain. I didn’t even know it started cause the symptoms weren’t there. And it was only 3.5 days. It’s intense. I could never thank you enough.

    Cam Clark NY Jets O-Line

    I love the Elixir and my family swears by them.

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