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Who is The People's Herbalist

An Adaptogen specialist dedicated to the social & herbal sciences


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Local Herbalist Danny Parrott serves Northern NJ & NY communities while advocating for adaptogenic herbs for the reduction of stress. A passionate herbalist named Danny Parrott is on a mission to bring herbal knowledge & tools to the people. Danny has been making waves in the world of herbal consumption with his dedication to helping individuals improve their well-being through the power of herbal beverages & tonics. His Degree is from Rutgers University in Sociology and psychology but his fascination for the natural world and its healing potential guided him to received his herbal certification from the Herbal Academy International School of Herbal Arts

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Community Engagement and Education

Danny is deeply committed to educating the community about the power of herbs, the power of the mind and ability of the body. He can be found bi-weekly at the Farmers Markets in Northern NJ in the Spring summer season where he shares his knowledge and products with the public.

Ramsey Farmers Market on Sundays

River Vale Farmers Market on Thursdays

He cohosts herb and bee schools for the youth with friend, partner & small cell bee keeper Elizabeth Sandford 

Danny also curates holistic wellness & empowerment events. He teaches seminars, and speaks at conferences like the annual Mycofest & Earthday Fest hosted by mycologist William Padilla Brown.

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The Journey into Herbalism

Danny's journey into herbalism began in 2016 with the desire to uncover the best natural options for people dealing with cancer. .

Before the pandemic of 2020, Danny was already a researching herbalist, focusing on adaptogenic herbs; a group of the most useful natural substances from the oldest modalities & cultures. His hypothesis is that herbs that can ease the human stress response & bring balance to the immune response could be life saving in many different situations. The adaptogens are special herbs, historically known for being safe, reducing stress, enhancing tissues and stimulating appropriate immune cell activity. He believed adaptogens with an affinity for the lungs could be beneficial in the face of a novel respiratory disease.

Expanding Herbal Horizons

Emboldened by the success of the long haul COVID-19 studies, Danny and his team have embarked on a more extensive collective case study focused on heart health. Cardiovascular issues remain a leading cause of early onset death in the United States and there has been a spikein seemingly healthy younger people dieing suddenly from issues normally expected in older people. Danny believes that whole herbal extracts hold the potential to improve overall health and well-being in the long run by nourishing and supporting key body systems and increasing our resiliency to the impacts of stress.

Danny's message to those facing health challenges is clear: "Do not allow any diagnosis to make you doubt the capability of your body to heal and return to the level of health that you are used to & supporting wellness holistically is the best way to recover from any health issue"

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Danny Parrott's dedication to advancing herbal sciences and improving the lives of individuals through herbal remedies is a testament to the vast potential of holistic health practices. As he continues his journey, he leaves a lasting impact on his local community, along with clients through out the US and inspires others to trust in the power of nature.