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We have concluded our first collective case study group and the preliminary results are quite inspiring. We will be conducting another case study group soon and we are still looking for the people suffering long term issues after their initial CV19 infection. We will be monitoring subjective wellbeing for people with mild, moderate & severe residual side effects of the CV19 disease before during and after the 30 day trial.

We do not know how long post COVID Syndrome can last but the vast majority of the cases are people between 20-50 years old & were not hospitalized by the sickness itself.

Some of the commonly reported issues are `

Neurological (migraines & cognition issues)

Cardiac (Heart issues)

Pulmonary (Lung Issues)

Blood clot formation


Chronic Inflammation

Nervous system issues (Pains & spasms)

Excessive scar tissue

Severe Fatigue


Lyme, POTS & other idiopathic issues (triggered or aggravated)

We will do what we can to help as many people as are willing to participate however for this case study we have space for 60 people. Unlike normal clinical trials we will not be giving an inhert placebo. We find it morally wrong to not provide any potential benefit for someone who has had their quality of life drastically reduced and desperate for relief.

For example:

Chaga Mushroom has published articles showing that this holds great promise as prophylactic measure to keep the body infection free and also for recovery while dealing with one.

We will be using highly potent adaptogen herbal extracts to help the body deal with stress and subsequently improve immune function and organ/tissue recovery. Please contact us if interested in taking part in this important collective case study.

If you are interested send us a text message with: 

Your name, Email and "Case Study"

Text Line 2016323061

or email

This case study is being done by Maxx Philanthropies & MOVERs Elixir  

We decided to do the case study because real people needed solution and we have a valid way to help people unwell feel better 

How we raised the funds? Underground lightroad events

Goal of the case study: observe the effects of using adaptogens daily for long haulers with various symptoms.  

The Social scientists/Participant responsibilities:

Take Elixir every day

Weekly subjective well-being survey & chat.

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